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On this site, we only accept unique press releases that have not been posted anywhere else on The Web. JournalistThe reason for this is that we believe it can only harm your reputation to spam your content all over The Internet. And search engines now give little credit for duplicate material.

Instead, by posting your unique content here, it can be allocated to a relevant category and tags chosen by you. And your press release, if accepted by us, will be in good company with others of good quality. This should mean that it can be quickly found by your potential clients who are searching for the service or product you have to offer. As you can see, this site is well-designed for all users, including those using mobile devices. You can then direct potential clients to your web site or provide other contact information.

Another consideration is that your content should not be in the form of a sales letter. This is wholly inappropriate for press releases. Try to tell a story or provide interesting and useful information that demonstrates your credibility. A press release is a way to build up your good reputation. It should not be a sales pitch.

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